Saturday June 15th, 2024
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La Bodega's Venetian New Year's Eve

La Bodega heads to Uptown Cairo this NYE with something very special up their sleeves...

Staff Writer

La Bodega's Venetian New Year's Eve

New Year is the best time of year to re-invent yourself, throw away the old masks you've built up over the years and become a new you, no thanks at all to a drink or two on New Years Eve of course. La Bodega have it spot on then with a special Venetian Masquerade party at Uptown Cairo this NYE where guests will arrive masked, Eyes Wide Shut style but without all the Nicole Kidman nakedness. 

The party will take place across the beautiful outdoor space as well as indoor and helping you through this elegant transformational shindig will be masters of groove DJs Ahmed Kamal and Mido Maher as well as a sax player and percussionist.

Tickets for the night include open bar and food but may not include life changing epiphanies, that one is up to you... or you can just never take the mask off.

Meanwhile Aperitivo in Zamalek will also be hosting a New Years Eve party at the stunning restaurant and bar, opening up the dance floor after a set menu dinner. You can also expect a party bag to take home with you. Hopefully it includes Panadol.

For reservations call 01005232923 or 0227350543 or 0227356761