Monday June 24th, 2024
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Chimp Escapes Zoo, People Jump into Crocodile Infested Nile

In the most absurd story we've heard in a while, a crazed chimpanzee is said to have boarded a boat and tried to eat the captain. Check out the photos here...

Staff Writer

Chimp Escapes Zoo, People Jump into Crocodile Infested Nile

Okay, so apparently there is an island between Alexandria and Beheira which is inhabited by chimpanzees. Egypt Independent have reported this as a 'zoo'. Now, apparently you can take a boat tour of this 'zoo'. With us so far? Great. So 30 visitors were on this boat tour when the captain thought it a good idea to put out his cigarette on the island before realising it was dry bush and thought he should spray water on one of the chimpanzees says an 'eye witness'. Superb idea.

This act of water splashing enraged the chimpanzee who decided to board the boat and began biting the captain's face until he bled according to one of the guards, Mohamed Mahmoud. The captain was then flung into the crocodile infested Nile. "Some visitors were slightly injured and others jumped into the water before three guards controlled the chimpanzee," reports Egypt Independent.

What a horrifying and absurd thing to happen. Check out crazy chimp below.