Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Lilo & Wehbe Tweeting in a Tree

Good news Mean Girls fans! Lindsay Lohan expresses her love for one controversial Arab star...

Staff Writer

Lilo & Wehbe Tweeting in a Tree

BREAKING NEWS. Stop whatever you are doing! Something has happened that will change the face of the Middle East for decades to come. Lindsay Lohan has finally admitted something we long suspected but never dreamed we could confirm. No, we aren't talking about the long list of celebrities she has slept with. No, she hasn't returned to rehab or being a lesbian, and no she isn't performing at Porto Cairo Mall.

So what has Lindsay Lohan done that is forcing us to write about her on the anniversary of the release of Mean Girls, that has no reference to the movie?

Lindsay Lohan has shockingly reached out to sexy singer/actress Haifa Wehbe on Twitter to tell her she was a fan. Assumingly surprised Haifa Wehbe responded her by thanking her for her kind comments.

We aren't exactly sure how Egyptians will be expected to continue work, but with a long weekend upon us, one can assume there will be several Mean Girl parties to help get you through this shocking news.

In other news, CairoScene is still trying to reconcile with Haifa Wehbe after the incident below. Perhaps peacemaker Sisi can help?