Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Lujo's Fresh Junk

The latest eatery to hit Zamalek brings you a downright delicious fusion of junk food and super-fresh ingredients, for a gourmet take on the typical...

Staff Writer

Lujo's Fresh Junk

So despite our undying love for McDonald’s (a love that has at several points prompted them to ship us free breakfasts for the entire office, just so you understand how deep it runs), sometimes, as you’re devouring a junk food meal, you can practically taste the saturated fat, and you can almost physically feel the grease and the heaviness as it goes down, and you know that this is Not Good. You’re slightly grossed out by yourself, but whatever, it tastes amazing because that’s also part of the package deal of junk food.

However, the newest eatery to hit the Cairo streets, Lujo’s Fresh Junk, is what we can easily call the most incredible foodie mixture that’s happened recently. The title – which we absolutely adore – pretty much sums it up. One of the restaurant’s founders, Alia Abdel Rahman puts it simply; “it’s essentially fast food, but with a touch of gourmet. It’s junk, but it’s extremely fresh junk food!”

Using only the freshest ingredients, the store is essentially a junk food lover’s wet dream, serving up a myriad of creative tasty dishes, that no one could call healthy per se, but that are a far cry from the overgreased, fried-up crap we usually associate with the term junk food. Think a rustic, homegrown, diner feel. Thick, hand-cut fries, a Peking duck wrap, mushroom truffle pizza made with buffalo mozzarella.  We’re positively drooling at the thought. “We’re just a bunch of very creative foodies,” Abdel Rahman says of the founding partners of the place, an element which is evident in their innovative dishes which also include a wasabi shrimp tempura wrap which sounds downright amazing. The eatery will function more as a takeaway and delivery spot than a proper sit-down dinner place (we know what we’ll be ordering for office lunch next week) and bonus points for the adorable décor. Oh, and they also have fish tacos if anyone's interested. 

You can check out their Facebook page here.