Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Shop, Hop and Let Your Heart Never Stop with Mall of Egypt’s Feel the Beat Campaign

It’s never too late to feel the beat of your heart, and as it just so happens, Mall of Egypt has your ticker well covered.

Staff Writer

Shop, Hop and Let Your Heart Never Stop with Mall of Egypt’s Feel the Beat Campaign

Listen, Dalia, running around town trying to catch stray cats and chasing after your favourite pair of designer jeggings is fun and all. But when you’re pushing your mid-twenties and wondering why it’s hard to breathe after trying to put on a cardigan, it’s probably time to think about your ticker.

You like shopping, don’t you? You like window-shopping perchance to find something that matches your designer socks, right? And you definitely don’t want to be easily winded when you're in your prime. If that’s the case (and it really should be), why not pop over to Mall of Egypt and get your heart checked out by the caring, qualified personnel behind Majid Al Futtaim’s Go Red campaign? Let us elaborate.

Throughout the sweltering month of September, Mall of Egypt will be teaching you gals how to listen to your heart. In a cooperation with the American Heart Association, they'll be giving you free coronary checkups to see how your ticker’s fairing, what and what not to put in your stomach (say no to burgers), and how to keep your lifestyle hearty. If moving around is your thing (more power to you), the healthy initiative will be offering an energetic selection of high-intensity workouts ranging including some serious iChoreo dance routines, elaborately flexible yoga sessions, transformative routines for you burgeoning mamas out there, and more than a few exercises to channel your inner zen.

You have folks from the Dar el Fouad hospital on standby to give you a thorough checkup from September 23 all the way to 29. You get a range of activities to whip even the laziest of couch potatoes into shape from September 8 to 29.  and a selection of only the finest, healthiest establishments ready to supply you with the goodies you need to keep going (Imtenan, Fitsole and New Balance come to mind), there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be front and centre for those four weeks to feel the beat to the fullest.

For more information on Feel the Beat, click here.