Saturday September 30th, 2023
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VIDEO: Man Wears Tutu and Dances on New Cairo Road 90

Because why the hell not?

Staff Writer

You those times when you’re just like, I want to put on my tutu and practice my ballerina moves in Road 90? Like, I just haven’t done that in so long. I will put on my white tutu because pink is just too cliché. I will spin and twirl and frolic amongst the cars like a fairy princess – passerbys will be blown away by my flawless dance. I will attempt to re-enact Swan Lake. And I will look goddamn fabulous while I’m doing it.

One hero took it upon himself to dress up in a full-on tutu and prance around on a sidewalk in Road 90. And then he was caught on film. And it was the best thing we’ve ever seen. Who are you, you wondrous man? The video was captured just a few hours ago by Shady Ahmed and posted on his Facebook, so thank you kind sir, for sharing this with the rest of us. We suspect this is part of a hidden camera show, but we guess time will tell.