Friday December 8th, 2023
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Minecraft Has Just Released an Ancient Egyptian Mash-up Pack


Staff Writer

Minecraft has just released an update that contains an "Egyptian Mythology Mash-up pack," according to their official website. The new optional add-on contains all kinds of Egyptian-themed textures, new mobs, skins, and much more.

Creative Writer of Mojang, the company that owns Minecraft says, "this mash-up pack lets you experience all the mythos and culture the civilisation was known for, thanks to a stylistically crafted texture pack - journey through the mythic necropolis Valley of the Kings and explore long forgotten graves – all accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack fit for your adventures in the depths of the desert.”

Sounds like someone describing a pretty intense psychedelic trip in the middle of the desert. Awesome.

Check out the trailer below.

 Main image from True Achievements