Monday June 24th, 2024
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Nights Over Egypt: UK Music Festival Hits Sharm El Sheikh

It seems the beaches of Egypt have impressed yet more musicians, record labels and organisers, as a taste of London's underground makes its way to Sharm El Sheikh this November.

Staff Writer

Nights Over Egypt: UK Music Festival Hits Sharm El Sheikh

To all fellow party-goers we have some really exciting news for you on this beautiful morning. It seems the beautiful beaches of Sharm El Sheikh have inspired a slew of UK record labels to come together and bring a massive music festival to Egypt... and we couldn’t be more excited.

Projected to take place on the 5th - 11th of November 2015, Nights Over Egypt came to life when founder Lauren Morrison of TMPR, a London-based PR agency that specialises in work underground music labels, was sipping cocktails on one of Egypt’s dozens of beaches. With a whopping 18 DJs and two venues, we can feel the cool November and cool drinks already.

The venues which are going to be transformed so they can handle the hardcore parties are the Lucky Night and Pataya Beach Club.  Expect a great mashup of all your favourite House music and all the underground London sounds you have yet to discover. If we were you, we would start practicing our best dance move or even creating a new one as you’ll definitely want to unleash the big guns at this festival. So far, the confirmed acts are Osunlade, Martin Iveson, DJ Karizma, Peter Adarkwah, Mike Steva, Kyri Patsalides, Marcia Carr, At One, Miss P, Toto Chiavetta, The Mighty Zaf, Lay-Far, Tayo Maronie, Craig Smith, Neil Pierce, Katie Barber and Peter Oakden.

If you’re interested in a bit more info don’t hesitate to visit their website here.