Friday May 24th, 2024
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Osiris Temple Flooded

Luxor's famous Osiris temple is drowning in groundwater.

Staff Writer

Osiris Temple Flooded

Mismanagement and incompetence seem to be the biggest threat to Egypt’s priceless antiquities as the famous Osiris temple located at Karnak in Luxor is flooded by ground water.

Last week we find out that some "restoration expert" accidently shaved the beard off of one of the world’s priceless treasure, King Tut’s Iconic golden mask. This week we find out that tourists have been unable to walk in the Osiris temple because groundwater has flooded the popular tourist attraction.

Groundwater flooding is a natural occurrence and allegedly many at the ministry state there is no solution for this naturally occurring event. However, groundwater flooding is not a new phenomenon, and according to specialist, Amir Gamal, there is a very simple and cheap solution to the problem that is almost as ancient as the temples; building a run-off path that would divert the water.

Creating a low run-off path would easily divert the water from the unwanted areas and the cost of such an upgrade would be negligible. Considering Egypt can build a second gigantic canal in Suez, there is no reason why a small run-off path can't be made. 

It is no secret that this temple and the 19 other minor temples at Karnak in Luxor is a major tourist attraction that brings in money the country desperately needs. As always maintenance, oversight, and accountability are lacking and if the plundering our priceless artefacts and historical sites becomes a trend, then we imagine it won’t be long before Egyptians call for a sacking of the antiquities minister, and calling for major reforms within the ministry. 

Photo provided by Virginmedia