Friday May 24th, 2024
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Riverdeep: Awadi Bros & Haze-M

The normally suave and sophisticated Riverside turns up the volume this week with a Deep House club night.

Staff Writer

Riverdeep: Awadi Bros & Haze-M

There are so, so many lame puns and references we could make about Friday, but for the greater good of everyone we will refrain. We will not make a reference to TGI Fridays, we will not refer to Rebbeca Black’s repetitive obsession with the day. We will also not reference Katy Perry’s TGIF song. We will do none of the above. Suffice to say, Friday is a day of partying. And Zamalek hot spot, Riverside, are getting all rave-y this Friday the 30th of January with their Riverdeep club night. That is, if raves were conducted in a swanky upper crust boutique lounge where everyone is dressed to the nines and no one is wearing any day-glo bracelets.

The party night hits the city every Friday, but this weekend, Riverside is ending January on a high note (pun intended), and raising the stakes with two back-to-back beat masters set to take the stage. Cairo-based deck duo the Awadi Brothers will kick off the night with their signature upbeat sound, mixing Deep House and Nu-Disco for a set that’ll have you abandoning your stationary spot next to your Grey Goose bottle on the table and heading over to the dance floor.

Next up, they’ve tapped Tunisian turntable prodigy Haze-M (whose real name is Hazem Saklbi but now he’s Haze-M because he’s a DJ and he’s gamed) to keep the beats going. Haze-M/Hazem will be whipping up a storm of Deep House, Indie Dance, and Nu-Disco tunes to keep you grooving till the wee hours of Saturday morning.

All in all, the booze will be flowing and the beats will be pounding and though you may, on other nights, frequents the Nile-side spot for some wine and fine dining, this Friday Riverdeep is bringing some straight-up partying times; they’re going to drown you in deluge of high-octane beats and you will dance till dawn, as you should on Fridays. We would tell you to wear comfortable shoes but Riverside won’t let you in if you’re wearing anything less than a 2000$ pair of gold leaf stilettos.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @RiversideCairo