Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Otlob Set to Substantially Boost Delivery Services Before End of 2018

And even more so throughout 2019, too

Staff Writer

In a spot of delicious news this fine Thursday afternoon, home-grown delivery dinosaur and all-round wonderful service Otlob (we’re not getting paid for this) are dead-set on hiring over 1,000 new delivery drivers for the booming business, all before the year’s end.

Following suit with the country’s continuous (and ambitious) efforts to put an end to unemployment, Otlob are keen on supporting the country’s youth by offering up a slew of job opportunities, while also boosting their very own recent delivery service. “The initiative came in partnership with a chain of famous restaurants to deliver food through a large number of young drivers,” said Otlob’s Managing Director, Walid El-Saadany.

Starting off with 1,000 is their short-term goal for Cairo. But the company plans to hire 5,000 more delivery drivers throughout 2019, in an effort to provide quality delivery service throughout the country.

Delivery drivers are fun and all, but maybe try investing in Ducati bikes for each and every driver. Imagine getting your food delivered in like four minutes.

Main image from Elmshaher