Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Egypt’s Pyramids Were One of the Most Requested Destinations in the World by Uber Riders in 2018

Other popular destinations included everything from Disneyland, to the Berlin Wall.

Staff Writer

Egypt's Great Pyramids of Giza have been a source of fascination for centuries and it’s no secret that they are one of, if not the most visited tourist sites in Egypt. It also happens to be one of the most popular destinations in the world among Uber customers, as revealed by Uber’s end-of-year list charting the most requested sites on the ride-hailing app.

The list is headed by two attractions in New York, with the Empire State Building and Freedom Tower coming in at first and second respectively. The Pyramids rank in at number 15, with the only other sites in the Middle East on the list being Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Istanbu’s Blue Mosque.

1. Empire State Building (New York, USA)

2. Freedom Tower (New York, USA)

3. CN Tower (Toronto, Canada)

5. Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

6. Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE)

7. Buckingham Palace (London, United Kingdom)

8. Disneyland (Los Angeles, USA)

9. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA)

10. Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)

11. The Blue Mosque (Istanbul, Turkey)

12. Berlin Wall (Berlin, Germany)

13. The Vatican (Rome, Italy)

14. Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

15. Great Pyramid of Giza (Giza, Egypt)

Main Image: Today.Travel