Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Record For Longest Human Chain Under Salt Water To Be Set In Sharm

Pro divers will be holding hands under the Red Sea in an attempt to enter the record books.

Staff Writer
Attention pro divers of Egypt! Captain Walaa Hafez is attempting to set the ultra-specific record of Longest Human Chain Under Salt Water. 110 Egyptian and Arab divers are required to head to Sharm El Sheikh, dive to a depth of 20m, and hold hands for five minutes. Singing Kumbaya is not necessary and sort of excessive since you’ll be underwater and no one can hear you. 
The current record for Longest Human Chain Underwater was set in France in 2013 by the Groupment Des Professionnels De La Plongée with a group of 110 people at a depth of 18 metres for five minutes. 
The event is going down on December 25th at 10 AM.
Check out the Facebook page for more information.