Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Redeem Vodafone Red Points For Swag

Vodafone and partners are giving you 1 Red point for every pound you spend on your mobile bill - treat yourself (and your phone) to something nice.

Staff Writer

Redeem Vodafone Red Points For Swag

As if you didn't have enough reasons to go Red (best service, great deals), the money you now spend on your Vodafone RED bill now come back to you as points. You can spend these points at any Vodafone store or with their partners. Spending cash at the partners stores gets you points too. It's basically like you're getting paid to shop which, is totally all we've ever wanted. 

All you Vodafone RED customers are eligible to start racking up points right now. Hit up the Vodafone booths being set up across the city to get all the info and a chance to win some mega-bonus points. The first round of booths are springing up in City Stars this weekend, 4th-6th of Feb. That'll be followed by a Vodafone takeover of Mall of Arabia Feb 11th-13th and at Arkan the 19th and 20th. The booths will be decked out with games and useful info about how to rack up the most points so they'll be pretty hard to miss. 

We and some other influencers tried Vodafone RED points. Guess what? They worked flawlessly. We picked up some toys for our new office. See what the other did using their points

 Our siblings at CairoZoom tried to lift our sweet amp and projector but we managed to chase them down.
Nada Akram
 Fashionista Nada Akram hit up the Virgin Megastore with her big pile of points for the best-dressed shopping spree we've ever seen.
Huda El Mufti
The lovely Huda El Mufti used her Red points on a super secret trip from Travco. Wonder if the lock is just for our hearts.
Mustafa Sharara
Entrepreneur and explorer Mustafa Sharara picked up a new iPhone 6s with his Red points to document his adventures
Salma Abu Deif
Gorgeous model Salma Abu Deif checked off one of her bucket list destinations with her points. Hopefully she's still accepting applications for travel buddies. 

What will you do with your points?
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