Monday June 24th, 2024
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Saudi Arabia Just Launched a Girls’ Council without Any Girls

A Saudi council solely dedicated to women's issues was inaugurated, only women weren't involved due to the kingdom's strict gender segregation laws.

Staff Writer

Saudi Arabia Just Launched a Girls’ Council without Any Girls

While we can all give Saudis a round of applause for even considering the idea of having something dedicated to girls, let alone a girl’s council, we are very confused as to why were there are… erm, no girls in it?

Photos of the meeting held a few days ago circulated on social media with comparisons being made to Trump’s infamous abortion policy signing; which also featured zero women.According to BBC, women were held in another room due to the strict enforcement of gender segregating between non-related men and women, despite the fact this council is chaired by the governor’s wife Princess Abir Bint Salman.

The formation of the council aims to work towards Saudi’s 2030 Vision program where increasing the participation of women in the workforce is a key goal. Women make up only 13 percent of the work force, despite constituting 51% of college graduates, according to Saudi's Central Department of Statistics and Information.