Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Kawkab Sharmoofers is Going 'Somewhere Else' With Etisalat

Do things the Sharmoofers way and win some swag as you go with Eitisalat.

Staff Writer

Kawkab Sharmoofers is Going 'Somewhere Else' With Etisalat

What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object? That’s one for philosophers and physicians to discuss, but what we can tell you about is what happened when one of Egypt’s biggest music acts, Sharmoofers (they’re the unstoppable force) and regional telecommunications giant, Etisalat (they’re the immovable object).

What has been born of this most holy of alliances is MusicBox; the music platform for Etisalat’s popular internet-based tariff for youth, Demagh Tanya, of which Sharmoofers are now the official faces of because when it comes to being different, it doesn’t get any different than Sharmoofers’ unique brand of music.

This funky new collaboration is going to give folks a chance to win concert tickets, which some lucky fans got their hands on Friday 2nd February for a concert at the Manara Centre. Never ones to miss out on a Sharmoofers gig, we decided to go to the outrageously hot concert and went behind the scenes to chat with Mo, Bahaa and co to ask why they partnered up with Etisalat to do this? 

"We wanted to offer something unique to our lovely fans," they told us, of an initiative that they consider to be very different to anything they've ever been a part of. "We can reach out to people that don't know us; maybe they'll like what we have to offer!"

If you happen to have an Etisalat number, you’ll have a chance at getting your hands on tickets for Sharmoofers concerts by calling 7070 – it’s that simple. And so if you're one of the Sharmoofers universe, you won’t get the same treatment as us regular earthlings or anybody else, and you’ll have your own special secret content; pictures, posts, and exclusive albums and music from Sharmoofers that you’ll get to experience before anybody else, and you can even set any of the songs as your ringtone - what more could you want?

Written by El Fasla Team.
Translated by Ahmed Ikram.