Monday July 22nd, 2024
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16 Badass Egyptian Women Defying Stereotypes and Breaking the Glass Ceiling

For the month of March, we showcased some of the unsung, under-appreciated women breaking barriers in Egypt's male-dominated fields.

Staff Writer

16 Badass Egyptian Women Defying Stereotypes and Breaking the Glass Ceiling

This has been a year in which stories of empowerment have flooded media platforms, with movements such as Me Too, Time's Up and Demanding a Seat at the Table presenting plenty of debates, discussions and demands. However, often time it's a select echelon of international or regional women whose stories are being told. This International Women's Day our mother company, MO4 Network, along with our sister sister sites, El Fasla, SceneNoise and StartupScene have decided to shed a spotlight on a legion of Egyptian women who are defying the odds in male-dominated industries; from the female taxi driver, to the first female surgeon in the Arab world; from the female rally driver, to the former ‘maid’ who is building a cleaning empire. From March 8th till the end of the month we will be showcasing these stories and in the process attempting to reclaim شغل_نسوان#.

We hope that you too will use the hashtag and own YOUR story.

Maha Sadek

First Female Surgeon in Egypt and the Middle EastBahra Fahmy

Founder of ESMA, 'Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals'
Radwa Rostom

Founder of the Handover Project

Om Saleh

Sanitation Manager

Nour El Sherbini

World Number One Ranked Squash Champion
Sara Samir

First Arab Female Olympic Medalist in Weight Lifting
Sanaa' Elsayed

Discoverer of Mansourasaurus

Yara Shalaby

Egyptian Cross Country Rally Driver
Nancy El Kilany


Amal Soulayman

First Egyptian Female Ma’zoon

Om Waleed

Taxi Driver

Basma Elgabry

Girls' Scooter Instructor

Aya Saeed

First Egyptian Female MMA Fighter
Dr. Samia Louis

Arabic Language Instructor to Ambassadors and Diplomats
Shaimaa Omar

Chemical Engineer and Executive Manager of Bio Mix
Asmaa Megahed


Photo and videos by MO4 Network's #MO4Productions