Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Someone Just Sued Abla Fahita!

Puppet character Abla Fahita is being sued over her show's controversial content, and is set to appear in court on June 26th.

Staff Writer

Someone Just Sued Abla Fahita!

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, famed Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry goes and files a lawsuit against satirical puppet character Abla Fahita, reports Egypt Independent. The Administrative Justice court has scheduled the hearing for June 26th.     

The Abla Fahita show, Live from the Duplex, has come under fire lately for its scathing criticism of the Egyptian regime. In his lawsuit, Sabry argues that the show’s content is offensive and profane, saying the sexual references used in the puppet’s humour go against Egypt’s traditions, which he finds exceptionally alarming seeing that it is a prime time show. Sabry also said that he doesn’t find the television programme creative, and that the puppet is not an example of freedom of speech. Sabry is also concerned about the manner in which the puppet speaks about Egyptian public figures, calling it highly offensive and saying they deserve respect.

In a recent episode, the puppet listed the names of all those who have been arrested in Egypt, such as novelist Ahmed Nagy and writer for Fatma Naoot, saying that censorship has reached alarming levels.