Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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N by Natalie & JAZZY are Bringing Sexy Back with Deconstructed Chemises and Cat Eyes

Haven't you heard? Deconstructed chemises and ruffled tops are all the rage this spring.

Staff Writer

With summer right around the corner and the end of winter putting a spring in our step (pun intended), we're just about ready for a change in wardrobe. And with Cairo's growing fashion scene, we can't afford to look anything less than fabulous. Luckily, fashion designer N by Natalie and eyewear brand JAZZY have got us covered with a fierce fashion collaboration.

For the spring, JAZZY and N by Natalie are joining forces to bring Cairenes a medley of deconstructed chemises and ruffled blouses in vibrant shades. Natalie Akrabova, founder of N by Natalie, is the cool Italian grandma who traded in tea parties for sexy tops and avant-guard dresses. And along with the stylish yet affordable glasses brand JAZZY, they'll leave us looking elegant in our bare-shouldered chemises matched with our fierce cat eye shades with their take on spring trends.

Check out the shoot below.

Check them out on Instagram here and here.