Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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Summer Fun at Fel Park's Dreams Festival

Wrapping up their season with an epic, sun-drenched, activity-filled, music-fueled day at the park, we can't wait for the Fel Park crew to return in September.

Staff Writer

Summer Fun at Fel Park's Dreams Festival

Sun, fun, music, madness, munchies, mayhem – it was all there at Fel Park’s Dreams Festival last week. Friends and families turned out in droves to spend a rare day outdoors (how often do you get to enjoy real honest-to-god greenery in this city?). Cairo Jazz Club pitched in with the tunes, bringing over Osama Elhady and Shady Ahmed who wowed the crowd with an upbeat performance. But awesome beats were just the tip of the iceberg. Adrenaline Egypt came with full on inflatable pools where kids could step into giant bubbles and roll around in the water. We’ve never wanted to be a child so badly. They also brought out the big guns; paintball, and even better, water guns! Yes, the best way to beat the heat is engage in a ferocious water gun battle because really, there are no losers.

And then of course, like any good day out, was the food. Foodies has a field day since stall after stall was brimming with goodies, with the city’s top providers of taste lined up for our pleasure, from TBS to Lido Burger to Foool Tank. And philanthropic vibes abound as well as the AL Hassan Foundation for Spinal Cord Injuries were also at the festival with Fatma’s Handmade Crafts. The festival also worked in collaboration with Hadath Co. to support Educate Me, making sure that a portion of all the proceeds went to helping kids learn. We love it when fun meets philanthropy; it’s always good to give back.

The fun may be over for now; the park peeps' season is over and they are taking a little break. BUT they will be back come September!