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Egyptian Surgeon Successfully Performs First-Of-Its-Kind Spinal Surgery in Al-Azhar University

The patient was reportedly too old to undergo such a procedure; however, the riskiness of her condition made the operation critical.

surgery operation egyptian

Hany Abdel Gawad, an Al-Azhar University surgeon, has successfully repaired a spinal deformity on a 23-year old patient with brittle bone disease in seven hours. The surgery is said to be one of the most difficult within the field.

The surgery was difficult due to the patient being too old to undergo the spinal deformity surgery. The patient's body also posed as a problem, due to how small her body is (at 110 centimetres tall and 30 kilograms heavy).

Brittle bone disease is usually present at birth and performed on children; however, the disease can develop later in life due to genetic history. The symptoms leave your bones in a weak and easily broken condition.

Abdel Gawad reportedly mentioned that he will use this operation as a medical reference in scientific journals.

Main image from Palestine Children's Relief Fund.