Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Tashkezar Band at CJC: A Melodious Invitation To Unwind

London-based Tashkezar band will be playing at Cairo Jazz Club this April 3rd for Jazz Sunday and taking your mind on relaxing journeys through Balkan and Arabic tunes...

Staff Writer

Tashkezar Band at CJC: A Melodious Invitation To Unwind

We all know how music takes us places. Whether it’s a jazzy tune that takes our minds to a lovely walk in winter, Spanish music that classily soothes our nerves, or even heavy metal that thrusts us with powerful energy, music always moves us in one way or another. Tashkezar, a band that plays a unique music blend, takes us on a chill mental journey among familiar alleys, warm memories and crisp air in an ambiance of relaxation and rest.

Hailing from London, Tashkezar includes an international array of musicians who infuse their music with Balkan and Arabic music merged with world tunes. The trombone, electric bass, Cajon and violin all playing in unison to Egyptian Mariam Ali’s silvery voice creating a unique musical unwinding experience where troubles of the day morph into a cloud and slowly disappear.

Tashkezar “presents a refreshing and groovy retelling of songs from the Balkans to the Middle East and beyond,” according to their Facebook page. They carry, in their hazy tunes, their listener to a comforting place while infusing them with percussion and bass beats that will move them to dance relaxingly.  

Tashkezar is here now, Cairo, and you shouldn’t be missing out on that. The band will be charming you with its music on April 3rd in Cairo Jazz Club.

You can check out Cairo Jazz Club's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @cairojazzclub.