Thursday April 18th, 2024
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The Battlefield is Holding its First Grand Laser Tag Tournament Next Week

Do you have four people to watch your back? Join in the laser tag battle and win free access for TWO months.

Staff Writer

The Battlefield is Holding its First Grand Laser Tag Tournament Next Week

Do you ever imagine yourself in a really intense, cinema-worthy gun fight, where it's goodies versus baddies and you're basically saving the world?

*Dives under a desk, avoiding a spray of bullets that in any realistic scenario in the history of ever, would have definitely hit you!*
*Peers over desk and unloads round of bullets!*
*Hits the guy you wanted to hit!*
*More villains pour through the doors!*
*Bullets fly everywhere!*
*It's madness!*

Picture any of the three hundred Die Hard films. Don't lie - we've all definitely envisioned ourselves in that scenario, because really, who doesn't want to be John McLane? That level of awesomeness is pretty hard to come by in our normal lives where the most exciting point of our day was the pizza deliveryman arriving. If you have ever imagined the above (and you have), you probably need to gear up and get down on the floor of The Battlefield, Cairo's top laser tag spot for a (not so) real-life shootout. 

The ultra advanced combat game facility comes with missions, intense weaponry, and varied terrains, and they're making it even easier for Cairenes to unleash their inner FBI agents on the ground. Starting next Monday, The Battlefield is hosting their first grand tournament which will have teams of fives clash in a dominance face-off in a bid for the grand prize; glory. JK, the winning team actually nabs free weekday access to The Battlefield and its virtual reality room for TWO months, all game modes included. But we all know glory is the real prize here. 75% and 50% discounts for two months are what await the 2nd and 3rd place teams in the heated tournament.Do you know the four people you want to have watch your back? Then sign your team up here before Friday and hold your breath for the tournament's schedule, set to be released this Saturday. Don't worry if your gang are mostly couch potatoes as even the laziest of teams will get to play at least two matches, with each of them lasting an hour.

*The Battlefield rules apply. 

Sign up here and follow up with The Battlefield on Facebook and Instagram.

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