Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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The Hijabi Heists

A Saudi-American woman has been charged with single-handedly pulling off five bank heists in the USA. We know that crime is bad but we can't help but tip our hats to her...

Staff Writer

The Hijabi Heists

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Ranya Al-Huthaili has pulled off what even the wildest fictional super-villains have not. At just 23 years of age, the American citizen who hails from Minnesota managed to perfectly execute not one, not two, but FIVE bank robberies all on her own in just three weeks. With the USA being the world leader in security and intelligence, pulling off these heists must have been quite the calculated feat. 

According to one witness at her robbery of the Dairy State Bank in Menomonie, Wisconsin, Al-Huthaili - who donned a variety of disguises, from a traditional Abaya and Hijab to a sexy sleeveless dress with a blonde wig - the daring young woman silently handed the teller a note that read "I have a gun" before walking away with $2,350 in cash. Though she was finally arrested after the FBI tracked the spending of her loot, we're more than impressed with her Hollywood-style escapades, though we're sure this won't help with the on-going debates about Hijab in the West. Worried that she'll flee back to the KSA, with which the US has no extradition pact, she's currently in federal custody without bail. Quick, someone make a movie about this. We're looking at you Angelina...