Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

This Local Dahab Windsurfing Champion Needs Your Help to Represent Egypt Internationally

In recent years, kitesurfing has gained immense popularity in Egypt, but did you know that a kitesurfing champion secretly walks among us? A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to support in his quest to represent Egypt in international championships.

Staff Writer

This Local Dahab Windsurfing Champion Needs Your Help to Represent Egypt Internationally

Meet Mohamed Aid, the young Bedouin from Dahab, both wind and kite-surfs with such expert technique and wild skill as to make one wonder if the water and sky aren't his true abodes.

Aid has been surfing since he was a boy. He was introduced to the sport by surfer tourists. Legend has it that he took to the sails like fish to the water, and has been spending most of his days either in the water or in the air ever since. Now, he has won first place in many, if not all, of the competitions and championships that have taken place in Sinai, and even currently holds the title of national windsurfing champion of Egypt.

Having conquered his home country's winds, Aid is currently setting his sights on further waters. He is planning on participating in one of the PWA's (Professional Windsurfing Association) events in Europe. He certainly capable of representing Egypt, winning those championships and scooping those titles, but apparently he lacks the financial resources to do so. Although surfers in his position are usually sponsored, he still has to have his own modern, preferably cutting-edge, gear and equipment, and be able to travel and participate in world championships to get the recognition necessary to land him a sponsorship, all of which he says he currently can't afford.

Nevertheless, fellow Egyptians and fellow surfers have heard his call and are getting together to find ways to raise the funds that would provide him with the necessary means to catapult his career so he can bring home those world championship titles. This has resulted in a crowdfunding campaign being made in his name. 

As with the recent story of Egyptian wrestler Tarek Abdel Salam, who reportedly got no support at home and moved to Bulgaria to work in a shawerma shop, only for his talent to be recognised and supported by the Bulgarian government, prompting him to win the FILA European Championship gold medal for the EU country. It would be a shame to see the same thing happen with Aid, or worse, that he gets no recognition at all.

From watching him speak about his passion though, it seems like this guy will stop at nothing before he lays claim to world championships, and to bigger winds and greater seas, all while making us proud.

Click here to aid AID in his quest to glory.