Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Tijuana Migrates to Sahel

If you've ever been to Agami, you've been to Tiuajana - THE place for summer partying throughout the roaring 90s and early 00s. And now they're bringing it all back... In Sahel!

Staff Writer

Tijuana Migrates to Sahel

Tijuana is making a comeback: after achieving cult status Agami, the famous club is finally coming to life again years later at  the hottest spot in Egypt this summer - Sahel! Located between Marassi and Diplo, in the Stella compound, the nightlife staple has returned with a completely new vibe and look, but with the same core principles: seaside fun is top of the agenda.

A lounge by day and a club  by night, Tijuana plans to be a hub for those just looking to have fun. Start your day with beach games while soaking up the sun before the kitchen opens at 6PM serving comfort food so you can be ready for the energy-demanding parties at night. Sushi lovers will be satisfied to find their addiction to be a part of the menu, and so will any snack junkie, who can order almost everything starting from oven-hot pizza to delicious fillets. Beanbags and chaise longues are there to ensure your comfort after devouring all the appetising meals.

Drinkers and non-drinkers will enjoy the beautifully located bar equally; surrounded by spectacular green areas and a killer view,  as it offers non-alcoholic beverages as well as your typical offerings.


So go ahead, tell everyone you know. Tell them Tijuana's back and watch their eyes glisten! Find out more on their Facebook page here.