Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Traffic Dept Gets Technological

Taking a step into the online age, Egypt's Ministry of Interior has announced that car license processes and payments will be transferred to an electronic system, eliminating the notoriously treacherous queues and inevitable arguments...

Staff Writer

Traffic Dept Gets Technological

Finally, taking a leap into the technological age, the Ministry of Interior has recently launched an electronic payment service for issuing car licenses.

The service is slated to start at the notoriously busy El-Nozha Traffic Unit then applied nationwide by the end of the year. The upgraded system will allow individuals to receive their car licenses directly from the unit without have dealing with the tedious bureaucratic procedures, except for the technical check.

According to the assistant to the Minister of Interior and Head of the General Administration for Traffic, Medhat Koraytam, “The electronic payment service will be available in 4,000 ATMs in banks, 1,300 postal offices and Fawry’s approved offices nationwide.”

The plan is to have licences prepared after ensuring customers have paid taxes, fees and obligatory insurance by searching the system's database. The goal is to have people receive their licenses in less than 15 minutes after their arrival at the traffic unit. Seems like a dream come true, but just when you thought it couldn't get any sweeter, there are plans to set up home deliveries for licences in the future.

There is really no better way to demonstrate Egypt is moving in a new direction than by reducing the burdens that many suffer trying to do just about anything that has to do with the government. Technology is constantly advancing and continues to make our daily lives easier. Thankfully the ministries are starting to realise that it can also make their jobs easier, and taking this necessary step essentially signals the beginning of a new and improved Egypt, now available with just a little less bureaucracy.