Friday December 8th, 2023
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Tuesday Midweek Parties at Cairo Jazz Club 610 Will Have You Busting a Move

It’s all about the midweek parties now.

Staff Writer

There are two things that the Egyptian nightlife tends to lack; good ol’ RnB, and midweek parties – both of which are things that Cairo Jazz Club 610’s Tuesday Midweek Parties have promised to deliver.

Every Tuesday, there will be a different beat to shake every different kind of booty to, and to cater to that, CJC 610 is hosting a different DJ every Tuesday night, covering multiple genres to suit the tastes of your eclectic shella. In addition to the usual electro, house and deep-house music played in different clubs all over Cairo, CJC 610 will also be featuring different tunes ranging from RnB to hip-hop, and disco to funk.

They're also hoping to offer a jovial night at a time when spirits are low for Cairenes who are stuck in the city because of their nine to five jobs. While others are out there in Sahel, you can still get your kick of endorphins by dancing your ass off in the city. Each week will have a different vibe depending on the DJ performing.

They kicked off their first Tuesday Midweek Parties night on June 19, featuring prominent Egyptian DJs, Sebz and Shiha.

The next event will be on June 26, where Kaboo & Mobbz and Ramy Djunkie will be blessing our feet and souls with RnB hits. So get your caps on backwards, get your kicks on, and get ready for some bangin’ tunes.