Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Upper Deck at Four Seasons Cairo Hotel at Nile Plaza

Officially opening its doors this Sunday 15th February, the newest venue at the luxury Cairo landmark takes wining and dining to new heights.

Staff Writer

Upper Deck at Four Seasons Cairo Hotel at Nile Plaza

The question of where to enjoy a true gastronomic success with a superb panoramic view is a good one, with excellent answers, but none as exceptional as ours. “Go to Upper Deck!” is our current reply, and will probably remain so for some time, to anyone who asks for an excellent new place to eat. Our recommendation is the same for Cairo's self-acclaimed 'foodies'. For anyone parched and hungry on the lookout for delectable cuisine and an inviting space, the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza is your destination. Long one of our favourite locations, with the opening of their new rooftop lounge this Sunday 15th February, the Four Seasons will soon have to find a way to physically remove us from the scene. We got an exclusive first look at their new Upper Deck, an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation.

Offering a stunning view of the Citadel and the beautifully lit Four Seasons pool, Upper Deck commands you to kick back and experience the heart of Cairo from above. The moment you enter the locale, it becomes clear that the Four Seasons have successfully executed their objective of creating “a living room above the clouds.” The atmosphere can be simply described as cosy, but not coddled. A sophisticated lounge made up of décor that evokes a warm and relaxed setting, Upper Deck is a chic living room away from home with an epic panorama.

The lounge is divided into seating parties with their own respective flat screen TVs and heavenly lounging chairs; the kind you want to stay in all night. In addition, the place enjoys a touch of culture as the walls are lined with paintings, the likes of which can be found in the halls of galleries, and every corner is adorned with engaging and eye-catching sculptures.

However, it is not the private yet welcoming venue that is so enticing, it is in fact their menu. Consisting of a range of vibrantly coloured and delicious mocktails served in large quirky jam jars and a multitude of real cocktails and variety of fine wines (whatever your hearts content); it is the two opposing themes of Sushi and Tapas, surprisingly gliding together with swanlike grace, that will catch your eye.

As Tapas purists, it quickly became clear that the chef is well versed in the art of Mediterranean delights for his array of small dishes with a twist of local cuisine is simply divine. Softly cooked chicken liver on a bed of delicate Konafa, a beautifully put together and marinated seafood mix with a jolt of citrus, succulent grilled salmon with steamed and flavoursome pak choi are merely a few delights we highly recommend, and that's excluding the New York style mini burgers with a side bucket of fries. Then again, if it is the Far East you crave, we suggest the assortment of fresh sashimi and stunningly arranged sushi presented to you on a ceramic painter’s pallet. With the explosion of a variety of flavours overwhelming our taste buds, we can honestly say that there was not a single critical grumble to be heard from our table.

To top off your gastro experience, Nutella espressos, an assortment of finger licking desserts, including chocolate mud pots sprouting cake pops sure to become a signature dessert, and electronic Shisha of a variety of flavours, are all an order away on the tantalising menu.

It is these delicate assemblages of unrivalled flavour that have won Upper Deckour notice and which make a visit to this lounge as unforgettable as a stay at the Four Seasons’ suites.  365 days a year, Upper Deck is an indulgence not to be missed and certainly not to be ignored.