Friday December 8th, 2023
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VIDEO: Ultra HD Footage Of The Pyramids And Burj Khalifa From Space

Check out these super high-def images of some of Earth's cities from 220 miles up!

Staff Writer
Thanks to a spiffy new camera on the International Space Station, we’ve got some unprecedented new footage of the Giza pyramids from space in such high resolution it could make your eyes bleed. 
Urthecast’s Iris Camera captured the pyramids, along with views of the Burj Khalifa and Capetown, in such crazy detail you can actually pick out individual cars on the roads. Because of the position of the camera, taller structures appear to sway. This is an illusion; the pyramids don’t really wiggle like that. Duh.
Urthecast's first round of videos of London, Barcelona, Boston, and more, were met with overwhelming enthusiasm  when released last year.
While there are currently no plans to release any more space videos, there’s plenty on Urthecast's Vimeo channel for us to enjoy until the next cool thing shows up online.