Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Wife Survives After Alexandrian Worker Suspects Infidelity and Kills Their Three Children

In some of the most disturbing news we've heard in a while, the survivor defended her husband, claiming he is mentally unstable.

Staff Writer

A horribly disturbed worker from Alexandria has been arrested on Thursday and confessed to the murder of his three children, and the attempted murder of his wife, after suspecting infidelity.

The incident occurred in Alexandria’s Ezbet El-Qalaa when a domestic disturbance was heard by neighbours who alerted police. According to Al-Ahrams Arabic news website, police arrived to find the man’s three children and their mother bound to chairs. His children aged five, seven, and twelve were beaten to death using a plank of wood, however officers arrived before he was able to murder his wife.

Surprisingly, the 45-year old wife defended her 37-year old husband, claiming that he is not mentally stable and takes pills regularly. The case has been referred to prosecutors but no word has been released on a trial date or hearing.