Wednesday November 29th, 2023
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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 is Barking Loud

Why are people not dying or staying dead?

Staff Writer

Does it even make sense anymore that ‘The Hound’ just won’t die? This week’s episode kicks off with a surprise; it seems like bringing people back from the dead is becoming a GOT trend. The funny thing is that Sandor is just one of the vilest and most despicable characters ever, yet, we all smiled in excitement when we saw him alive again. I guess humans are just weird like that, just like how we enjoy watching movies like Saw. Last time we saw The Hound, he was having his ass handed to him by Lady Brienne, being left for dead until collected by Septon Ray from the vale. The Hound is all healed and healthy again and we see him as he chops up some firewood amongst some peasant folk in the middle of nowhere down south. Is The Hound about to go on a spiritual journey? Is he actually going to turn good on us? We are running out of bad guys in this series, all of them are dying or turning good. Ray just had to help guide Sandor back from his past and convince him that there is a chance to be better and to change.For a while, it did seem like Sandor was going to leave his Hound-like ways in the past, and he would have had he not found a reason to seek revenge. As he was alone chopping wood and releasing that inner rage somewhere safe, The Brotherhood with No Banners kill the Septon and the innocent peasants that followed him. Why, oh why, did you have to piss off The Hound? He will come for you, and he will put you through a lot of pain. Last we saw, The Hound had an axe in his hand as he stormed off to probably take revenge. I’m guessing that this means The Hound is not going to remain good after all. Or maybe still good with just enough evil inside for vengeance when it is needed. Who knows.

I don’t know if it just me, but I didn’t really like this episode. There are so many absent elements. I just love Daenerys so much, and I hate it when she does not make an appearance. But it is not only that, it seems like everything was more of a slow buildup rather than any actual action. I for one believe that we deserve more after having to wait for an entire week to see an episode. Where are Benjen, Sam, Bolton, Tyrian, or Tommen? Too many important people who were barely mentioned and not at all shown.The Greyjoys arrived in Volantis; yes, that quickly. Maybe it is the director’s way of indirectly implying that Yara and Theon have very quick boats. Oh wait, Yara actually said that she was kissing and playing around with a random prostitute as her whimpering ‘broken’ brother sat there staring into space. So Yara’s plan is to go find the “Dragon Queen” and join forces with her to come and take back the Iron Islands. It sound like a great idea and all but I am confused, why is it that everyone just thinks Daenerys will take anyone in? Why would she choose Yara and Theon over Euron who has the same plan? Unless fan fantasy becomes true and Yara woos Daenerys into becoming her lover. I don’t think so though!Hello Black-Fish. This guy is just awesome, standing there coldly as his nephew is threatened to be murdered. He even ends up encouraging the men to murder him as he leaves them and walks off. This guy has some character and a lot of charisma. In the end, he called the bluff and a frightened Edmure is pulled away towards some kind of cell, only to be met by Jaime Lannister who is appalled by the Frey’s lack of war intellect and lack of proper tactical talent. They are so foolish that Jamie even slapped one of them (epically, I must say) and he takes control and starts putting things in proper order before he decides to parley with the Black-Fish. And here I was, foolishly hoping he would go badass war mode on him. They meet at the drawbridge and the Black-Fish intimidates the King-Slayer to the point that he is angry. I guess we could expect a showdown soon.Back north, Sansa, John, and Davos are travelling from one house to the other seeking allegiance and an army to support them. Contrary to Sansa’s belief, they did not all jump at the chance to help a stark. Lady Lyanna of Bear Island even denied that either John or Sansa are Starks. I don’t know about you guys, but meeting this young Lady was kind of the biggest thing for me in this episode. She just has so much character and strength, it is impossible not love her. Well with some triumphs and some fails, Sansa realises that the number of her army is weak, so she sends a raven to seek more support; I am speculating that it is for Little Finger, but nothing is for sure. After all, Sansa wouldn’t possibly forget what that pig has done to her. Now for a while I was starting to feel really disappointed that Margaery had fallen for the path of the ‘faith’ and that she lost her strength that we all admired. As vile as she is, it still sucks when a strong personality is suddenly broken. But this episode we see her secretly give her grandmother a paper with a drawing of a flower on it. So my dreams are coming true, all this time she was just playing the Sparrow and pretending to be what she seems to be now so she can reach her goal. But what is her goal? This is a little confusing for now.

Last and definitely not least, Aria is finally ready to go home and she even books herself a ride back. But can anyone ever escape the wrath of the Many Face God? A stabbed and bleeding Aria has us questioning if she will survive or ever escape. Poor Aria just doesn’t get a break.