Friday May 24th, 2024
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‘Make Space Yours' Competition is Taking Winners on 'Zero Gravity Flight' Overseas

All competitors have to do is share with Omar Samra why they dream of going to space.

Staff Writer

 ‘Make Space Yours' Competition is Taking Winners on 'Zero Gravity Flight' Overseas

Space is truly fascinating. Did you know that on Venus, a day is longer than an earthly year (kind of like when you’re at work)? That you can cry in space but tears don’t fall? That you can grow up to 5 centimetres taller in space (no, you don’t come back to Earth taller)? These facts among a million others are the reason why people are truly captivated by the cosmos.

However, as around 90% of kids want to be astronauts, if that love for space continues beyond the age of around 8-9, it’s important to push kids in the right direction and push their hobbies to perhaps become something more in the future.

After the huge success of Season 1, TEDx speaker, mountaineer, entrepreneur, writer and adventurer Omar Samra is giving kids the opportunity of a lifetime once again with the famous Make Space Yours competition programme powered by Inertia aimed at raising interest in space exploration for children.

Last season, the Make Space Yours programme was a huge success, or should we say, it was out of this world, collaborating with 77 schools and 44 universities in 9 governorates, with immensely positive engagement by the youth of today.Season two is now currently underway – though this time it’s aimed at an even younger audience, and Omar Samra wants to hear all about how you started to become interested in space, and WHY you would like to go to space. It’s encouraged to say something a little more in depth than “I want to go to space so I can fly”, even though that’s still totally awesome.

It’s encouraged to then share your answer on Facebook for your friends to vote for you, and finally the competition will end in November, when shortlisted participants from each age group (8-12 years old and 13-17 years old) will be chosen based on their answers and numbers of votes they receive.

For the younger age group, winners will have a free ‘zero gravity’ experience at AERODIUM Egypt, emulating what it really feels like to be floating around the stars. Also, they will have the opportunity to attend two or three days at the Make Space Yours camp with the amazing Omar Samra, always pushing to educate kids and get them real passionate about space, and who knows, maybe even creating tomorrow’s astronauts.


In the older age group,  winners will be able to attend the Make Space Yours space camp, and one winner will have the chance to get on a zero gravity flight with Omar Samra in the US of A, land of the free, home of the brave, or France, home of the delicious escargots. 

Alright young ones, register here for the 8-12 category and here for the 13-17 year old future space explorers. Just fill in your profile and submit your answer, and you’re good to go.

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