Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Master Builder Creates Massive Custom Lego Star Destroyer

We could barely follow the directions included to built a tiny Lego truck and this guy created a huge spaceship complete with a hanger bay and everything...

Staff Writer
A dude named Doomhandle has taken his love for Lego Star Wars sets to the next level by creating an absolutely massive custom Star Destroyer model that puts the official Lego version to tiny, tiny shame. 
Christened the ISD Tyrant, this Imperial monstrosity has three decks and a functional hanger bay, complete with TIE fighters and shuttles. At over 1.4 meters long and weighing in at 32kg . Compared to the official Star Destroyer, the Tyrant makes it look like a children’s toy. 
Each deck is fully populated with Stormtroopers and Imperial officers in barracks, walking on catwalks and down hallways, and even waiting in line for chow behind Darth Vader. Even the command tower, complete with a scowling admiral minifig, has an impressive amount of detail. Check out more shots below. 
Check out Doomhandle’s gallery for even more shots of this insanely detailed nerd-master build.