Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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5 Places to Stay Fit in Sahel this Summer

Whether Crossfit is your thing, or prefer high-tech equipment to get your Forma on, here are the gyms and teams that have migrated to the coast this summer, for your workout pleasure.

Staff Writer

5 Places to Stay Fit in Sahel this Summer

Cairo can be a very stressful city sometimes, but you can always count on having your favourite healthy foods delivered to you and your local gym or workout crew on hand. However, after Ramadan in the city you deserve a break. The real worry attacks when you’re spending your summer vacation at Sahel – where it’s very important to stay fit, but extremely difficult to find the factors that help you stay healthy. However, this year, many of your favourite fitness haunts have migrated to the North Coast. Here's what not to miss:

Fibers Club

Finding a new home at Club M at Marassi, Fiber's Sahel branch opens today and continues throughout the summer. Existing memberships are valid there while staff on hand can sign up new members. 

Hers Sahel:

With three locations, the Reebok-endorsed women's workout pros prove there's no rest for the wicked this summer. Find them at Diplo Clubhouse, La Vista and Marina 5's Yashmak Beach.

Samia Allouba Gym:

Samia Allouba’s gym in Porto Golf on the North Coast continues on your regular Cairo workouts with the same classes and top of the line equipment over in Sahel. 

Balance Gym

Offering classes like Body Pump, CXWorx and great cardio plans right on the beach at La Vista, you'll find Cairo's fitness crazy pumping their guns at Balance Gym.

Crossfit Engine 38's Equipment-less Workouts

Though they're not moving to the coast this summer, Crossfit Engine 38 still has your itch for exercise covered with a slew of workout plans that need nothing but your own body so you can get moving wherever you are on the beach.