Thursday April 18th, 2024
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7 of 2016's Most Extravagant Proms

We couldn't believe any of these proms at first, either. You'll have to see them for yourselves.

Staff Writer

7 of 2016's Most Extravagant Proms

As the academic year comes closer and closer to an end, the tuxes and gowns start popping out for prom season. Remember when you were back in high school, restlessly waiting to graduate and anxiously planning your prom appearance as you choose the perfect thing to wear and asking that one perfect person to join you? As we grow, we start to gradually forget how important that one night meant to us, but the fact of the matter is that we all have one very powerful memory that lasts almost infinitely. A little over the top? Yeah, well that's how we felt back then, and this is how these guys are feeling now.

Prom life has kind of developed or evolved over the past 10 years or so. When we say evolved, we seriously mean the difference between apples and dragons. Back in the day, it was just music, lights, food, dance, and some themed décor here and there. Sounds about right? Well, these days, most proms are extravagant beyond belief. The themes are deep and elaborate; the designs are intricate, exaggerated, and seriously costly; and, all in all, it takes some seriously creative thinking and implementing. To put this into perspective for those of us who feel like their prom was just an over-glorified high school dance, here are seven of the most extravagant/absurd proms that have taken place so far this year – in no particular order.

Egyptian Language School
JW Marriot

Kicking off the list are these Potter-heads who would have wished they graduated from Hogwarts. Going 'Wingardium Leviosa' all night long to bring the party to life.

DJs: DJ Albert Neve, DJ Medoz, DJ Criss, DJ Cheetos, and DJ Morovitch
Photographers: 'By Piko' by Eslam Piko, 'Sheta Photography' by Mohamed Sheta

Nefertari British International School
Dusit Thani LakeView

No, they didn't have strippers at the prom, but they partied like it was Moulin Rouge at this Burlesque-themed blowout.

DJs: DJ Medoz ,DJ Cheetos, and DJ Criss
Photographer: 'By Piko' by Eslam Piko

Port Said Schools
Conrad Cairo Hotel

These guys went all Navajo for their prom night, bringing back to life the free spirits of nature.

DJ: DJ Morovitch
Photographer: Hossam Ahmed

Nermien Ismail American School
Dusit Thani LakeView

Viva Las Vegas! Or the Egyptian prom version, at least.

DJs: DJ Cheetos and DJ Morovitch
Photographer: 'By Piko' by Eslam Piko

Modern Schools of Egypt 2000 American
Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

What's up with Native America and proms? Another batch of seniors switched "Woohoo" with "Haow!" for their prom night.

DJs: DJ Medoz, DJ Cheetos, and DJ Morovitch
Photographers: Hossam Ahmed, and 'Sheta Photography' by Mohamed Sheta

Collège De La Sainte Famille-Jesuites
The Nile Ritz-Carlton

These guys are actually smart; they went to the pure, basic source of the word fun and went with a full out circus theme.

DJ: DJ Medoz and DJ Morovitch
Photographers: Hossam Ahmed and 'By Piko' by Eslam Piko

Dar El Tarbiah American
Grand Nile Tower Hotel

Cabaret (read that in Arabic); no belly dancers, but a little birdie told us that a couple of seniors went Fifi Abdo all night long.

DJs: DJ Medoz, DJ Criss, and DJ Morovitch
Photographer: Hossam Ahmed

Celebratory Events Team

The team that brought all the above proms to life.