Friday December 8th, 2023
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7 Places in Egypt that Deliver Your Workout Equipment to Your Doorstep

Just because you’re stuck at home right now, doesn’t mean you have an excuse not to stay fit.

Staff Writer

With gyms and fitness facilities across the nation shut down, and you stuck at home turning into the hermit you were always destined to be, telling yourself that it’s okay not to get out bed for three days and that quarantine calories don’t count, we’re thinking it might just be time for you to add some at-home workouts to your daily routine. 

We’ve pulled together 7 places around Egypt that will deliver whatever sports equipment you need to stay in shape at home. From basics like kettlebells and resistance bands to bigger pieces of equipment like treadmills, these spots will bring whatever you need right to your doorstep. So fish those Doritos out of your hair, get ordering, and get fit. 


From kettlebells to bands to dumbbells to treadmills, Intersport literally carries it all. To adapt to today's social distancing, you simply order from their Facebook store. Plus, they have free delivery!

Garage Gear

Your home gym dreams can all come true now with Garage Gear’s fitness equipment - you even have the option to make custom designs to suit your desired area. If your goal isn’t to build a gym, because, well, that seems like a steep price to pay to get your formet el Sahel, they also have simple equipment like dumbbells and weighted DYNAMAX balls.


Starks (not of Winterfell) carries a line of all strength and conditioning equipment. Let your inner beast out with their top fitness gear made for you heavy lifters.

The Fitness Shop

This online shop carries a huge range of fitness brands including SKLZ, TriggerPoint, TRX, and the list goes on. Plus, they also carry recovery equipment for all you SWOLE fitness people.

Body Sculpture

With everything from yoga mats to boxing gloves to treadmills, there’s literally no excuse for you not to stay in shape with all the options on offer here.


Probably one of Egypt’s most affordable fitness brands, you can order all kinds of sports gear and equipment right from their website. They deliver all throughout Egypt and have a 60-day return policy! From fitness clothes to equipment, they’ve got you covered.


GoSport is helping you sweat at home by delivering workout gear right to your house. They also offer at-home workouts right on their page.