Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Are You in the Inner Circle?

Ismail Kassem gets nostalgic with a very special, very secret style of party....

Staff Writer

Are You in the Inner Circle?

Cairo's nightlife known for its fancypants, high-end, pretentious exclusivity and let's face it, having been raised in this type of partying culture, this is kind of what we've come to know and love. Complain as we might, no one likes being at a Cairo party and looking around to see unfamiliar faces. It's part of the fun; seeing people you know, and y'know, getting shwasted and hugging them like you're long-lost lovers even though you can't quite remember their name.

Anyway, moving on. With a firm understanding of our love/hate but mostly love relationship with a sense of familiarity in our partying scene, the man who's got banging beats and booze-fused times down pat, Ismail Kassem, is getting uber-exclusive this time around with a new concept party called The Inner Circle. Yes, it's exactly what you think; it's the cool kids in the high school cafeteria; it's 'are you on the list?'; it's a friend of a friend of a friend. True to its name, the event will be invite-online and you're only included if you are somehow connected to that elusive inner circle. Otherwise, for lack of a better phrase, you can't sit with us.

Now, to add a dimension of mystery to this deliciously pretentious party, you won't know where exactly it is until the day of. The date, time, and line-up of the event will be announced two weeks prior to the fact, but the location will remain under wraps until exactly four hours before the event when they'll send their list of invitees text messages, letting them know where to bring their fabulous, and obviously 'It' crowd selves. Passes will be sold during that two week period until they run out, and then you're flat out of luck because no, you cannot try to get passes at the door.

We reckon everyone invited will be in for one hell of a time. But are you on the list?