Sunday April 14th, 2024
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DKNY Does Ramadan

The American high-end fashion brand gets into the festive spirit, releasing their first Ramadan Capsule Collection.

Staff Writer

DKNY Does Ramadan

If you ever thought the fashion industry had abandoned the Arab world (and allowed Carina to become the reigning fashion beacon of our nation – we love us some lycra stretch tops), then think again. As we begin a month of hunger and headaches, they of the iconic Be Delicious scent (we own seven bottles to date), DKNY, are launching their inaugural Ramadan collection, known simply as The Ramadan Capsule Collection and marketed under the #DKNYRamadan hashtag. You know what this means right? Well, nothing for us specifically, but we just feel so goddamn special that DKNY deigned to acknowledge an Arab and Muslim tradition and created a whole collection based on the Holy Month!

This is actually the brand's first regionalised campaign, coming hot on the heels of the recent launch of their DKNY Middle East website (coincidence? We think not) and they CHOSE OUR REGION! Zaghroota law sama7to. After years of being shunned by the West, they’ve finally decided to embrace Arab traditions, see us for more than merely terrorists (and more recently as the hometown of revolutions) and bring us into the fashion fold with a cool collection. Hurrah!  

The collection, which is fronted and styled by two Middle Eastern style sirens, Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara Al Gabbani, consists of conservative (yep, they made an effort to make it rather covered-up) skirts, tops, dresses, and pants. Most of the pieces are billowy and Ramadan-appropriate, and though they’ve tried their best to incorporate Ramadan-esque prints, to be honest, so far we only see a few looks that really reflect the essence of Ramadan (some with a geometric black and white print, others long summery dresses in bright hues) but who cares? El mohem enn they did it at all and also that the pieces are gorgeous. We're madly in love with a petroleum blue jumpsuit and a casual leather-ish waterfall jacket (oh hey Donna Karen, in case you're wondering, we're a size 34).

Apparently expanding into the Middle East has become de rigeur in the fashion world recently (because y’know, we gettin’ Arab moneyyy) and DKNY has just ensured themselves a spot as some serious sartorial contenders in the region. Sadly, the collection is not available in Egypt (because, well, we don't have a DKNY store here), but our neighbours over in Lebanon and Dubai have it. Interestingly enough, so does Iraq…

Check out the whole collection here, and follow #DKNYRamadan on Instagram and Twitter for more.