Tuesday December 12th, 2023
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Kenda Interiors: Cairo's Stunning Furniture Showroom is Finally in Sahel

No more strapping furniture on the roof of your car...

Staff Writer

As summer takes over, mass migration to Sahel becomes a weekly ritual for many Cairenes. But once you get there, you realise that you have given up the comfort, convenience, and beauty of your own home to settle for an ideally located yet deserted and art-deprived summer house. While you once had to hustle between stores and pay massive delivery charges to make a home of your summer nest, everything is about to change with the arrival of Cairo's most exquisite showroom, Kenda Interiors, located on KM 171 on El Alamein Coastal Road, in a spot that is pretty hard to miss.

Catering to all your Sahel needs (including free delivery services), Kenda Interiors is offering a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as delightful home accessories designed to fill you summer home with the character it deserves. Working on your Cairo home? You can find inspiration in the comfort of the Sahel branch, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with a selection that includes everything you need for both homes.

With more than just furniture, the showroom features locally-produced home accessories that include everything from stunning paintings and bright crochet swings, to opulent chandeliers and charming salt lamps.

Known for their customisable furniture and fittings, Kenda Interiors by NADIM gives you the chance to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are tailored to both the dimensions of your space and your own personal aesthetic. So long, basic beach houses...

Find Kenda Interiors' Cairo showrooms at Concord Plaza, Mall of Egypt and Dandy Mall.

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