Sunday June 16th, 2024
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LIV it Up: Cairo's Newest Members-Only Club

After an glamorous, gold-hued opening, Liv Lounge in Heliopolis has begun accepting applications for membership. And judging by their debut night, you'll want to sign up...

Staff Writer

LIV it Up: Cairo's Newest Members-Only Club

In the high society world of high society, you don’t just WALK in somewhere. It’s not just a free-for-all. Jeez.

Member-only clubs used to be a thing reserved for Upper East Siders, and you know, Donald Draper, but recently the concept has started to take hold in Egypt. The latest hot spot to hit Heliopolis, LIV, which just opened its very decadent doors thanks to the efforts of the Door Keepers, last weekend, is one place that’s going the very, very exclusive route; the small swanky space is members-only. Basically, unless you’ve got that proverbial golden ticket, YOU SHALL NOT PASS. However, judging by the grand opening we headed to last week, this is going to be a serious hot spot so you better sign up.

Signing up for a membership is fairly easy; a few clicks on the interwebs, but you do need a membership to be granted access to the lavish spot. You can sign up by clicking here. Below are the rules of membership.

1. No one is allowed to use the membership except for the membership holder. So unless you’ve got a Doppelganger out there, you can’t hijack someone’s card and present it as your own. This is known as identity theft. And it’s a felony. LIV will not stand for felonies, goddammit!

2. The membership holder does not pay an entrance fee but has to make a reservation prior coming. The space is small and selective; make sure to reserve because it will fill up fast.

3. Guests with members and walk-ins pay a minimum charge. If you do not have a membership yourself, not all hope is lost. You can still enter WITH a member. But an entrance fee will apply.  

4. Priority to members who do a reservation before coming to Liv to walk ins. Like we said before, you need to reserve. If you’re a member and you just show up because you’re in the neighbourhood, there’s no guarantee there will be space.  Reservations are the way to go.

5. Door selection and rules apply to all members’ guests. Well duh. 

You can check out their Facebook page here. Sign up for membership here.