Saturday September 30th, 2023
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This New Book by Egyptian Life Coach Nevin Elgendy is Giving Us Life (and Teaching Us About It)

“Your healing is proportional to your conscious participation in your healing process.”

Staff Writer

“It’s just about breaking down that overwhelming, mysterious big thing of ‘how I can change my life’ by simplifying it and putting it into actionable steps,” says Nevin Elgendy (@nivoforlife). The Egyptian life coach just released her first book, titled simply ‘Be’, a step-by-step guide dedicated to unlocking your potential. She vivaciously spoke to us about the inner power that allowed her to ‘be’ and how we can let go of the restraining voices inside our own heads so that we too can ‘be’. 

‘Be’ - which hit Diwan’s bookshelves this week and is the first book to ever be published by the beloved local bookstore - mirrors Elgendy’s brand, which essentially revolves around guiding people through the endless obstacles life inevitably throws at them. Through various methods, her core mission over the course of her life coaching career has been to help people find clarity and confidence, and a large part of that involves addressing the continuous mental back-and-forth in our own minds and the limiting beliefs we put on ourselves, all of which she details in her new book.

Elgendy herself was able to overcome myriad obstacles and launched a successful business in her late forties, and maintains that if she can do it, there’s nothing to prevent others from doing the same. “I mean, I only started my business as I was approaching 50, and I built my financial independence from scratch,” she confesses. “I don’t possess any superpowers and I managed to do it, and many others have too. So it’s the process I and many others followed; it is my journey as well as my clients’. And at its core, that journey is a simple step-by-step guide taking you from self-doubt to confidence. It’s about tackling many of our fears that convince us we won’t be able to make it.” 

It’s interesting to note that being a life coach hadn’t always been Elgendy’s plan from the get-go, but a coincidental series of (what we believe are ethereal) signs following one another that led her to become certified under the tutelage of Dr. Martha Beck. Signs and confidence are life’s elixir.

You can order the book now from Diwan, who will deliver it right to your doorstep.