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Who I Follow: Hadia Ghaleb

With a global online presence and enviable outfits every day of the week, most of us follow Hadia Ghaleb. But who does she follow?

Staff Writer

Who I Follow: Hadia Ghaleb

One of the first girls to get in on the whole blogging trend in Egypt, Hadia Ghaleb’s Instagram is a veritable ode to fashion, filled with a creative collection of fearless outfit inspirations as she frolics in various cities across the world. The Econ graduate/fitness freak/entrepreneur and all around sartorially savvy human being fills up square after square with daring, avant garde style. She started a company, she throws caution to the wind when it comes to fashion, and she’s amassed a legion of followers on Instagram. Aside from wanting to raid her wardrobe, we want to know who she follows. So what account does she flick through in her free time? (You can follow her at @hadiaghaleb)

@howtwolive - The quirkiest two sisters you'll ever see. Very few people could pull off their style. All the way from the shoes with the doll heads to the ice cream nails. They will bring you back to life with their colourful page.

@twobadbodies - A pair of girls, probably besties who post their regular workouts. They do the most inventive routines and in a synchronised way - it's just a delight to watch and it does what it takes to get you off the couch.

 @lovebyn  - Not only is she a great person and one of my dear friends, she's The Godmother of all this Instagram craze in Egypt, so how can I not be following her!

 ‎@manrepeller - She's so random! But so amazing...

 @cairoscene - Believe it or not, you guys are one of the few accounts that when I scroll down my feed, I stop and actually read what you have to say.. So yeah, hats off and 3ash!

 @chiaraferragni and @neginmirsalehi - The two leading fashion bloggers in the world; being that I'm in the same field and industry, I'd be a cocky idiot not to follow them.


New on @theblondesalad_com: Los Angeles in @mcq #TheBlondeSaladGoesToHollywood Photos by @andrewarthur

A photo posted by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on Apr 6, 2015 at 12:36am PDT




A photo posted by Negin Mirsalehi (@neginmirsalehi) on Mar 27, 2015 at 3:37pm PDT

‎@queenshadiaandlaylaghaleb - My most valuable fan page. I have to keep up with the brilliance of the admin's fan page. Her posts really baffle me... Sometimes she finds a post from 48 weeks ago and compares it to another one from a couple of days where I'm repeating an item and she asks her followers which one they liked best. The admin of this page is a young girl called @lailahatem

 ‎@beautifuldestinations - As cliché as this might be but it gives me motivation to work hard for the hope of ever going to places like these one day... That better is yet to come, that this life has so much more to offer.


Coron Island, Palawan ❤️ By: @pat00sss ☀️ Go to @BritishPoloDay and like your favorite photo to vote! #BPDmorocco ☀️

A photo posted by BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS (@beautifuldestinations) on Apr 7, 2015 at 4:48am PDT

@gph__ - Because how can I not follow my start-up's page? I need to know what the guys are doing with my baby don't I? After all, it's my name on there.