Thursday April 18th, 2024
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8 Spots With Free Wi-Fi In Cairo Where You Can Work Or Study

Looking for a place to study that's comfortable, quiet, and most importantly, has free Wi-Fi? We’re coming to the rescue with a list of eight spots that have all of the above. And good coffee.

Staff Writer

8 Spots With Free Wi-Fi In Cairo Where You Can Work Or Study

Your prayers have been answered girls and boys! We’ve been in your shoes, and we know all about that desperate search for a good spot with free Wi-Fi for you to cram for your English Lit. final or finish off that report that your boss asked for like yesterday. It's a toughie. Usually your day ends up in you café hopping and no actual studying or work is done, are we right? This is why we decided to make your life easier and create a list of the eight places with the best FREE internet - emphasis on free!

Ney Lounge

Ney lounge is located in Zamalek right off 26th of July Street. If you want somewhere that’ll fit a bjillion people without feeling like you’re in soo2 el gom3a, then you’ll like this place. With books hanging from the ceiling, you’ll think you’re in Hogwarts. Okay no not really, but it is pretty cool. Their Internet is really fast, and they've got great food, coffee, and shisha (only served outside).


To make a shameless Friends reference: Food? Good. Seating? Goood. Wi-Fi? Gooood. Located in Mohandessin, Purple is quite spatial, so you won’t be all crammed up, and there will be no one in your face breathing your air. In addition, their atmosphere is very relaxed and chill so you won't feel stressed while working.  

Left Bank

Located by the Nile in Zamalek, their view is beautiful; so if you’re an early riser, then you’ll love this place. You have the option of sitting outside in the fresh air or inside on their cosy couches. Once you enter, you’ll smell their freshly baked croissants, which will definitely help you get through a tough day of work! Food, drinks, and Wi-Fi…check, check, and check!


Contrary to the name, el denya mesh mekarkeba. Anyway, this is one of the best spots in Mohandessin, and if you haven’t been there already, you have to check it out because we guarantee this will be your new favourite spot. Their food and desserts are delicious, aside from their shisha of course.

Arika Lounge

Although it’s located in crowded Mohandessin, Arika is very peaceful. It’s one of our favorite spots in Cairo; their ambience is very cool and laidback and their couches are super plush. They have great food with fair prices, and friendly waiters. Positive vibes all around!  Need a study break? You can simply chill and play cards or tawla


Located in a small street in Zamalek, this branch is perfect in winter. Their warm vibes, great coffee, and cosy interior are the perfect combination, whether you want to study alone or with a small group of friends. Just look at it, doesn't it make you want to go?


This is a cute Lebanese café located in Mohandessin, which also has great Internet. You'll eat awesome food while getting work done, what more do you need? You’ll probably end up staying there for hours without even noticing; that definitely happened to us more than a few times. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Gezira Sporting Club

If you’re a member there, then you know what we mean when we say go to the “new building”. Aywa, heya el 7etta el feeha kanab keteer di; you can take your shoes off and feel completely free and comfortable. The Internet there is super fast, and it's perfect if you’re a big group, or even if you just want somewhere quiet alone. However, for those of you who aren’t members, you can buy a ticket for 50 LE during weekdays, or for 100 LE during the weekend.

Let us know if you guys have some insight on more spots around the city!