Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Album Review: Adham Zidan Releases New Album Under His Today Is Tomorrow Alias

Adham Zidan’s solo endeavour proves brilliant with the release of indie/psychedelic album 'What’s To Want' under his Today Is Tomorrow alias.

Staff Writer

Album Review: Adham Zidan Releases New Album Under His Today Is Tomorrow Alias

Today Is Tomorrow is an imaginary one-man-band and its sole member and founder is Adham Zidan. You might’ve heard of Adham through his work as organ player, vocalist, and occasional bassist or guitarist for The Invisible Hands band or the improvisational project Procession Towards the Unknown.

He set out to record an album in the summer of 2013 equipped with nothing but two microphones, a two-track recorder and a pre-determination to not use any MIDI equipment during the recording process, only physical instruments and his own vocals as his building bricks.

The album was finally finished in summer of 2015 and after frustration with finding the right record label and a desire to no longer keep the album unreleased led to its eventual Bandcamp reveal on December 26th 2016. The finished product is an eight track indie, psychedelic rock piece of astounding proportions which is highly recommend. Here's a short review of some select tracks to give you hint of the overall feel of the album.The first track Invocation starts with combined snippets of birds chirping over the bustling of Cairo streets long embedded in our brains. An acoustic melody starts fading in and is quickly joined by a smooth electric guitar played in an arabesque style laced with asymmetric clapping. The track serves as a well constructed instrumental premise to the album.Starting a with warm, dreamy guitar with folk overtones reminiscent of quiet mornings by the beach, with Mayday, Adham starts telling whimsical lyrics of how he’d rather be different animals and how he’d spend that time. Concluding with how he would “rather be a human like the ones that lived back when. I miss my mother nature, I’d die to see her again.” An all round uplifting ballad filled with imagination fueling lyrics.Very different from most songs on the record, ABC has a more feasible drive to it. Faster and more instrumentally centered, it’s a much welcomed fusion between the folk overtones of the album and the classic rock feel of the track with a hint of a blues rhythm. It’s a beautifully crafted jam of electric guitars, repetitive punk-like lyrics, and acoustic portions in between. As the track title suggests, this is a conclusion to the mind boggling trip this album has been. If you can imagine a song that the credits roll out to at the end of a movie this would fit the picture quite adequately. Adham hits again with the jam like feel of the track, however the centerpiece here is the one-man chorus, providing a lovely and lyric-less vocal back drop to the guitar and synth.

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