Friday December 8th, 2023
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BEN UFO Invades Vent

A Rinse FM legend and one of Resident Advisor's top-rated DJs, Ben UFO descends from the night sky and into Cairo this week...

Staff Writer

Ben UFO is the baby faced DJ who, as a young child, like many child humans brought up in the UK, enjoyed spending his time picking fresh strawberries on a glowing Saturday afternoon, playing Scalextric and eating Marmite. At the age of nine Ben, he was just plain Ben at the time, was in a strawberry field playing Scalextric with a tub of Marmite when, all of a sudden, a group of extra-terrestrial beings from somewhere within the nearby Andromeda galaxy abducted him. There were bright lights and the ascending hum drum of the spaceships quantum propulsion engine, a sound that to this day still seeps through every strain of his consciousness, personified by a series of never ending beeps.

Over the light years, Ben attempted to communicate his whereabouts to Earth from the spaceship using the advanced alien technology. But his cries for help were transfigured, inadvertently interpreted as a kind of left-field Dubstep, transmitted through subtle dimensions that happen to be interlinked with the Earth's world wide web and Hessle Audio record label was formed. After his popularity grew, what humans thought were live performances were merely a series of 3D projections at venues around the UK. These were not gigs, these were desperate attempts at saviour, sent from his doomed chamber from within the spacecraft. 

After years of probing and frankly, quite unethical experimentation on Ben, the alien lifeforms finally gave poor little Ben a device for human communication. A small radio transmitter was left in his dwellings which reeked of Marmite, the only sustenance he was offered throughout his years in his captivity. With this device he managed to host a bi-weekly show on London's Rinse FM, drenched with the variations of the same ascending hum drum intergalactic industrial voice that had become his only companion. It slowly became the go-to show for connoisseurs of the Electronic music scene, eventually landing him at number 7 on Resident Advisor's Best DJ Reader Poll, without ever releasing a track.

After much negotiation with Ben's alien captors, the good people at Vent have managed to agree a ransom to secure his release in order to perform at the Downtown club on the night of Thursday 29th January along with resident 1127. And all they wanted in return was two VIP passes to Joe Ashkar at TIU.

Tickets must be pre-purchased for this event. E-mail for list and/or table reservations.