Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Blufrank X Cartoon Therapy: Ring Road

Ring Road vibes, driving post-midnight, half-drunk, half-baked, lonely as fuck, becoming one with the ugliest roads of all time – or so reads the track's description on SoundCloud.

Staff Writer

Blufrank X Cartoon Therapy: Ring Road

Blufrank X Cartoon Therapy are back at it again, with a nine-minute record called Ring Road. As per their own direction, you must listen to the track in one go; we did that. The track is really minimal and surreal; it starts off with a Japanese xylophone-sounding peculiar lead that is not clear on whether it's melancholy or hip, backed by a kick and snare, later on different layers of bass, plus some glitches and percussions diverging over the track in the most destitute of places.

The second half of the track sounds like a whole new rap. This time, the synth lead sounds more like an organ, and a rather 80s sounding melody is crafted from the synth, backed by a drum kit that is more human, and tends to deviate a lot more than the first half. Again, the bass is layered and different one-offs are released every now and then, which makes for a nice listen.

All in all, the nine minutes – whether listened to in unison or cut into parts, it doesn't make a difference (we tried both) – make for an undoubtedly good listen. As a conceptual piece, it's just that: a good track. But, then again, with something like this that you can't quite fit under a genre and is thus considered rather experimental, it is hard to give it a straight-up rating. So, instead, you go ahead and give your own account in regards to your liking of the piece. We say we like it. Ring Road may be somewhat of an advanced listen, we still can't say; that being said, an advanced track isn't always something good, especially if it's all you've been making.

Check out Blufrank's Facebook here, and Cartoon Therapy's here.