Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Chiati: Enter EP

With his musical style having evolved at lightening speed, Chiati has cemented himself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Check out our review of his debut EP released on Besworx, and take a listen here...

Staff Writer

Chiati: Enter EP

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Chiati, once guitarist of swoony high-school Pop band Bandetta, has cemented himself as a ruthless force to be reckoned with with his electronic, and aphotic debut EP Enter, released on Besworx.

The title track flickers into existence patiently with a series of clicks and pops; the gurgling of a monster three-track EP. From the get go, there's an engaging use of sonic positioning in the mix, tickling the ear-drums from all corners and a keenness for intricate atmospheric frequencies. The demonic and constant bass comes in layered with a haunting vocal echo, frozen in time before the first evidence of that soul crunching, subtle drop that has become the psychedelic signature of Chiati's recent productions, coming in again after long, fluttering, dissonant break downs sprinkled with the occasional Trance-like vocal crescendo.

Again, track two kicks off with more course, acute industrial sounds beautifully tucked away in a Techno bindle for you to carry with you throughout an upward journey through Escalate. But as the metallic bass warps in, you feel a bit short-changed with a sense you're walking down the same road as the previous track, being dragged along by the continuous wah-wah and blunt keys.

Finally, the appropriately-titled Melt does just that, as the track starts you can hear this thawing away of subtleties, the EPs icey exterior slowly dissipating into a heavy, no-nonsense, driving beat wrought with bass-y distortion, revealing the monster hiding beneath. And yes, that's also an allegory for the monster hiding inside young Chiati, because this is some fucking dark shit right here. Something horrifying is haunting this boy from the inside but it makes for oh-so-good after hours bangers.

Whilst occasionally trying too hard to draw within the lines of his Techno-esque inspirations such as Gardens of God or Maceo Plex, his productions purvey a clear vision and imagination with a knack for sonic kinesthesia and we can't wait to hear what happens when Chiati begins to draw outside the lines. Until then we'll be eyes closed fist pumping at his next Cairo gig.

Listen to the demo below and purchase the full EP on Beatport.