Saturday May 25th, 2024
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El Fusion is Back!

Matching an international Oriental fusion act with a local one each week in June, Cairo Jazz Club has quite the line up in store.

Staff Writer

El Fusion is Back!

While Cairo Jazz Club seems to surprise us every week with a new a roster of both well-loved and debuting acts from across the land, there’s one series of events that always stands out from the rest. Of course, we’re talking about  El Fusion, and this year is no different, as a brilliant local act joins a visiting band or artist once a week, every week in June. Focusing on updated Arabic and Oriental music by noise makers with an acute ear for blending heritage with hit records, music lovers are in for a treat, as this series begs the acts to sama3na maziktak!

Thursday 5th June

Flying in from Sweden will be TARABBAND, led by frontwoman Nadin El Khalidi, who will show us what happens when traditional Tarab meets with Euro-Pop as she blends her Egyptian/Iraqi roots with her Swedish upbringing for an interesting soundscaped, benefiting from a touch of jazz, a sprinkle of Sufi and some velvety vocals.

They’ll be joined  by the band that needs no introduction – Wust El Balad – to round off the night with some Egyptian Indie Pop straight from the streets.

Wednesday 11th June

A night for those who really can’t get enough fusion sounds, Palestinian band 47Soul take to the stage with a unique blend of Dabke, Rai, Rap and Reggae. Expect seriously heavy beats, hard hitting lyrics and mixture and some seriously skilled hands as the traditional Arab darbouka and Def join guitar, keys and vocals on stage.

Joined by some of Egypt’s finest live House music artists, Soopar Lox, this night certainly embodies the El Fusion spirit

Thursday 19th June

We’re wondering if we should even tell you who’s headlining this night, as this artist packs out Cairo Jazz Club every time she performs there – or anywhere for that matter. Yep, your prayers have been answered and Tunisian belle, Ghalia Binali returns for the big finale of the El Fusion series. The best way to describe the Neo-Tarab­ Soul songstress is the Om Kalthoum for the Beyonce generation, as her powerful vocals, Jazzy inflections and poetic lyrics all come together for a sound that’s totally her own.

That night, Massar Egbari will hit the stage too, rocking out their latest hits and giving the crowds some food for thought with their edgy lyrics 

Thursday 26th June

On the final El Fusion night, and one of the final few nights before CJC closes for Ramadan, Lebanese Hip Hop crew, Fareeq el Atrash hit the stage with some heavy flow, riveting rhymes and live vocals and beatboxing, proving why they've carved out a name for themselves in a sea of Arabic rap. They also play live, acoustic instrument giving their verses a sea of sounds to bounce around on.

They'll be complemented by the return of Abo Wel Shabab to the CJC stage with some uplifting, Indie Pop and quirky Arabic lyrics.