Monday February 26th, 2024
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Set Review: Extended $$$TAG$$$ on Zuli's NTS Radio Show

The two-hour take-over shows a musical side of $$$TAG$$$ rarely heard in his live sets.

Staff Writer

KIK fam $$$TAG$$$ took over Zuli's NTS radio show, packing two hours of musical sorcery with tracks from Lanark Artefax, 1127, Onsy, Zuli, Smash Beats, Blood Room, Broshuda, and many more. Picking up with what he describes as a slowed down, chopped, and skewed psy trance track. He follows up with some choir sounds and other low tempo styles before diving into arcane left field techno, with an experimental glitch peppering.

$$$TAG$$$ is well known for his enthusiastic old school house and industrial techno sets behind the decks. His idiot-proof dance floor methods can sometimes limit him in that situation, but when mixing in his studio, nothing holds him back from delving into obscurity. The set's complex logical semantics might scare away some, but those who posses an affinity for the weird will have a blast listening to this over and over. Check out the full set below.Follow $$$TAG$$$ on Facebook and check out his Soundcloud for more music.